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Updated on July 25th 2022, 5:31:54 am

2022 SummerSlam Betting Odds

In this article check out the 2022 Summerslam betting odds. There are 8 Matches so far in this show and maybe one more will be added for the Intercontinental Championship.

We are back with yet another Betting Odds article about a big WWE PPV and this time it is the second biggest show of the year in which we will place our bet as to who will win which match on this card . These betting odds are till last night and the matches on this card till now . This card is big and as expected there might be some surprises in store as well. SummerSlam is one of my most favorite events and with the recent developments in WWE which have caused a tectonic shift in WWE it will be interesting to see.

There are 8 Matches so far in this show and maybe one more will be added for the Intercontinental Championship and I will do that match as well for our readers even though before I said we will do only the announced card. So with all that being said let’s see who are the Betting favorites.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

Roman Reigns is a heavy favorite to win this last man standing match against Brock Lesnar and the odds are -400 in favor of Roman Reigns and +250 with Brock as the underdog. The recent tussle between Brock and WWE regarding Vince McMahon and his retirement has contributed to Roman Reigns getting such a massive lead in the odds. It will be a great match as well as a brutal one at that as well.

The Usos vs Street Profits- WWE Undisputed Tag team Championship

In this match where Jeff Jerrett is the match referee for this tag team match The Usos are heavy favorites just like their cousin Roman and they have the odds on -350 and the Street Profits are under with +250. This is because The Usos are on a run of a lifetime and they will not lose those tag team titles anytime soon. This will be a banger just like their match at Mineh in the bank but this time The Usos will get a definitive finish to this Rivalry.

Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch- Raw Women’s Championship

Last year at SummerSlam Becky Lynch was the surprise return who beat Belair in 26 seconds and won the title but this time around these 2 women are in a Fair fight and Bianca Belair is the favorite in this match with -250 odds while Becky Lynch is the underdog with +175 odds so it will be an. All time classic just like their WrestleMania match but Bianca will win yet again.

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Liv Morgan has just won the title and the fans absolutely love her and should be the champion for a long period of time because she has worked hard for it and so in this match Liv is the favorite with -200 while the dominant Ronda Rousey is an underdog at +150 and Liv Morgan will retain her title in a very good match.

Bobby Lashley vs Theory-United States Championship

This is a rematch from Money in the Bank and the result will be the same as that match and here Bobby Lashley will win the match and retain his United States Championship according to Betting Odds as he is the favorite in this match at -300 whereas Theory is the underdog in this match at +200.

Miz vs Logan Paul

This is one of the easiest Matches to bet on because firstly this is the first one on one singles match in WWE for Logan Paul and the Miz is his opponent because he is a very good wrestler and he will guide Logan Paul during the match and they will have a good match. Logan Paul is favorite at -350 and The Miz is an underdog in this match at +300. This is a chance for Logan Paul to show that he truly belongs in WWE as a singles star.

Pat McAfee vs Happy Corbin

This is a match that I am very much looking forward to and it’s all because of Pat McAfee. He is one of the best signings that WWE has made in years and he is an excellent wrestler and Corbin is a safe worker so they will have a great match and the crowd will love it. Pat McAfee is a heavy Favorite at -300 and Happy Corbin is the underdog at +200 in this match.

Seth Rollins vs Riddle

This might be the best wrestling match of the night as the in-form Seth Rollins goes against Riddle and this is a very close match to call as it can go either way. Seth Rollins needs a big win as he has lost a lot lately and Riddle needs this win because he would have beaten Seth Rollins. Riddle is a slight favorite at -150 and Seth Rollins is the marginal underdog at +110. I hope Seth Rollins picks up the win as he deserves it.

Gunther vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Intercontinental Championship

This is the only match that can be added to the show next week and this will be another great match between 2 great wrestlers but Walter will be a heavy Favorite in this match by -350 and Nakamura will be the underdog at +300. This might steal the show if it happens.