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Updated on June 17th 2022, 11:03:21 am

Women’s Money in the Bank 2022 Betting Odds and Predictions

Now that the Money in The Bank PPV is just a few weeks away. We will look at the Betting Odds and Predictions of the Women’s Money in the bank 2022.

After doing an article about the Men’s Money in the bank Betting Odds and Predictions it’s time to do one for the Women and frankly this is the more interesting Money in the Bank match to predict as anyone can win ,either a current female Superstar or a returning female. We will talk about all of it below. The Women have had the Money in the bank for 5 years now and they have a 100% success rate so the winner should be such that continues this trend as the Women don’t need a failed cash in at this time.

The Betting Odds for this match are much closer than they were for the men and this shows how unpredictable this match can be in its best sense. So, let’s see which are the Top 5 Women to win the Women’s Money in the Bank match 2022.

Becky Lynch – 2.25 (Favorite)

The favorite according to Betting Odds to win the Women’s Money in the bank is Becky Lynch and I think she is the favorite because firstly she is on a downward spiral and she needs to regain momentum and no better way than to win this match and also because she is on the poster alongside her husband Seth Rollins. However, I don’t agree with the Betting Odds because it’s only after WrestleMania that she has gone on a downward spiral and now is not the time to get her out of it. She should keep losing more and more to the point that she realises that she needs the WWE universe and turns face and gets back to being The Man .

Alexa Bliss – 3.00 (2nd Favorite)

Alexa Bliss is one of the 3 Women that have been confirmed for the match so far along with Liv Morgan and Lacey Evans. Alexa Bliss is the 2nsd Favorite to win this match according to Betting Odds and I agree with this assessment. Alexa Bliss has a much better shot of winning the Money in the bank match than Becky Lynch in my opinion because Alexa has been on a roll since returning and a win here will solidify her momentum. However I think Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch are headed for a feud for SummerSlam and they will cancel each other out in the Money in the bank match.

Liv Morgan – 4.33 (3rd Favorite)

At number 3 is one of the youngest and brightest young stars of WWE in Liv Morgan and I think she would be a great Winner and it would be a great career boost for her as well as she is improving each and every week in the ring so a big win like this is deserved for her. She is a face so that works against her as this match is great for heels but I think Liv Morgan is a strong candidate to win the 2022 Women’s Money in the bank match.

Lacey Evans- 5.50 (4th Favorite)

She is the only woman from SmackDown so far to be confirmed for the match and she is number 4 as far as the bookies are concerned and I think they are right. Lacey Evans is a strong contender but she is not the outright favorite to win this match as she has only competed in 1 match since the time she has come back so she needs more momentum on her side before she can win such big matches so she will be a contender but not my pick to win.

Bayley – 8.00 (5th Favorite)

Finally at number 5 according to the Betting Odds is Bayley and I am surprised the odds have her at number 5 because according to me she is the favorite to win this match and I would swap her with Becky Lynch on this list because I am 05% sure that she will return at Money in the bank which will be 1 year after she got injured and she will win this match and become a part of the SmackDown roster. She would be a lot of people’s picks to win this match as she is a heel and a great ome at that and she is a legend who is respected by the fans.

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