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Updated on August 30th 2022, 5:51:07 pm

WWE Clash at Castle Betting Odds Part 2- Clash of the old and the new

In this article, check out the WWE Clash at Castle Betting Odds. Check out the details about every match here.

We did the first part of the Betting Odds for the upcoming Clash PPV and we covered 3 matches out of the 6 in that article and the rest of the 3 Matches will be covered in this article because if we would have written all in 1 article then it would have become convoluted so to space it out I am writing a Part 2. The Matches that we will talk about gives us a flavor of the old vs the new in all of the 3 matches. Will explain in more detail below but welcome once again.

Before we get to the Betting Odds I have to say that writing articles about this big PPV event has been a privilege and I cannot wait for the noise and the chants that the UK fans will make on the 3rd and the best part is that it is 10:30 PM IST so I don’t have to wake up in the morning early. Let’s get to the Betting Odds

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka

This is a 6 woman tag involving 6 of the best women’s Wrestlers in WWE and here also it is the old and the new as Alexa Bliss and Asuka are the old guard of the team and Bianca is the new one and in the opposite team Bayley is the old veteran and the other 2 are the young ones. This will be an incredible match where all these 6 women will be determined to show that they are the best and the 70,000 UK fans will cheer for them and I think this could steal the show. The Betting Odds for this match are -250 with Bayley and her team as the favorites and +150 with the team of Bianca as the underdogs and I agree with these Odds as the new group needs a big win and this will be the perfect start.

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle

This is the match that has me very excited because firstly it is Seth Rollins and he cannot have a bad match and secondly he has Riddle who is also an incredible Wrestler so the fans at that Stadium will have a treat for them and they should go at it for more than 25 minutes and steal the show and Seth Rollins will go into this confident and he will look to have the best match all year. Matt Riddle will look to prove more people wrong in this match. The Betting Odds for this match are very close with Seth Rollins at -250 as the slight favorite and Matt Riddle with +225 as the slight underdog.

Edge and Rey Mysterio vs The Judgment Day

This last match was added today on Raw and here as well it is the old guard of Rey and Edge vs the new guard of Finn Balor and Damian Priest. This match will be a banger as it features 4 of the very best and they will go out there and entertain the fans there and have the best match that they could possibly have. The Betting Odds for this match are -125 for The Judgement Day as alight favorites and +200 for Edge and Rey Mysterio. Dominic Mysterio is the X factor of this match and I think he will cost his father the match and join the Judgment Day and that’s how Finn and Damian will win.

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