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Updated on May 20th 2022, 10:00:21 am

Top 5 Reasons Why Sports Betting should be legalized in India

Sports Betting is legal almost all around the world. But why is it not legal in India? Here take a look at the top 5 reasons why sports betting should be legalized in India.

This is a topic frankly which is not discussed enough but should be. Sports Betting is legal almost all around the world and people earn lots of money through it and sites like Bet365 and Betway are examples of Betting done the right way. In MMA for example when the fights are about to start they show the Betting Odds that who is the favorite And who is the underdog And it helps the viewer understand who has a better chance of winning.

Before we get into the reasons why sports betting should be legalized in India, let’s talk about the people who do not think this should be done. They say that India is not like the West and the kids will be in bad company and they will only be money minded and will do things which they should not. Crime can increase if the people incur a loss and that betting is not something which goes with Indian culture. However, I am here to present a case as to why it should be legalized. So , let’s get to it.

Earning Money through skill and application of mind

This is a factor that is not seen by most people when betting is involved and that it is not all luck and that skill are required and if betting is legalized then the youngsters of our country will be able to focus their mind on the ins and outs of each sport before placing a bet and thus improving their instincts and thus getting better at technology as well because they will have to also be skilled at different types of technology so if channeled in the right way the our youth gan learn a lot from Betting and earn money.

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Money for the Government

Which Government does not want money so that it can implement welfare schemes for the poorer people of the nation, now that the IPL is here and is not going anywhere and majority of the Bettors earn money during IPL matches so the money does not go to the government and the welfare schemes are not done to the max. Imagine if the government legalized betting and put a tax on it then how much money can the government get in return and help the weaker sections of society.

Online Betting can be a boon and improve lives

These days majority of the beta that are placed are online as there are various websites where the beta are made and people earn money sitting at home in their sofa and there is not a comprehensive law against it as well and there should not be because if online Betting fries then India can become a betting hub and then all the lead sports will have their bets placed in India abs our people who are not so rich can go online and improve their family income. So online Betting should be encouraged more.

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Morality should not be a factor

The main argument against betting in India is that it is not moral or ethical to do so and I say to them who said so? There is no law that there is betting is immoral so these arguments should stop and betting should not be taken as not being moral as betting is between two parties and not a public affair and therefore there is no crime involved so to avoid all this mess about moral and ethics betting should be legalized in India.

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Reputation can be improved and more streamlined betting

In a point we discussed earlier that the government loses a lot of money by not legalizing Betting and now we know how much ,19000 crores is lost every year because betting is not legalized and the people who do it illegally give the Indian sports industry a bad name in the world and that is not good for us so to improve the reputation of our sports and getting more taxes out of streaming betting in India, it should be legalized as it will benefit everyone, The People, The Government and most importantly The Reputation of our Sports Industry across the world.

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