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Updated on June 23rd 2022, 1:48:45 pm

Who bets on Sports in India?

Sports betting in India is rapidly growing with time and here we take a look at the people who bet on sports in India? Breaking down the demographic traits of a sports bettor might be an ambitious task

We will now cover a topic which is different from the ones we normally do but is a very interesting one as sports betting in India is rapidly growing with time and it will be Interesting to see who exactly are the people who bet on sports in India? Breaking down the demographic traits of a sports bettor might be an ambitious task but we are here to try ambitious things and inform our readers about the same.

According to a research by the ICC which is the parent body for cricket in the World like FIFA is for football has said that more than 90% of the billion plus cricket market in the world belongs to India and with other sports taking center stage in recent years the user pool for sports betting has become much more diverse. More sports like football betting, tennis, Olympic sports etc have also found a betting market in India and it has been seen that males are the dominant source of sports betting with more than 84% of the users being male and only 16% of users are female which everyone would like to see grow in the coming years.

User Language most popular in Sports Betting

There are a few barometers that we will judge our Betting users in India by and the first one is the language that they speak or know of. And it is found that in 97.1% of the users English is the most common language that is being spoken by the users of sports betting in India. This huge number however does not determine the complete language profile of the Indian sports bettor. Although a different research finds that only 12% of the population of India is familiar with English to use it interchangeably and most of the people prefer local languages to understand the text better. Ultimately enough the sports betting websites offer the details in English with Hindu, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu etc in translation and that does not help the average Indian much.

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State of origin of Users of Sports Betting

The major and most popular sports betting cities in India are the ones who are in Tier 1 or max to Max in Tier 2 cities as they only are able to understand the terms properly and bet on sports. Among all the cities in India, Hyderabad is the number 1 in sports betting and is way ahead of the others and they are followed by Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune , Delhi, Mumbai which are all Tier 1 cities.

Categories and Devices used in Sports Betting

The Sports and sports related news represent the single most important category in sports betting in India however the sports bettors interested in current affairs, entertainment, celebrities is in the heterogeneous minority among the registered users of India which is not shocking to see. Sports Bettors will be interested in sports and not entertainment.

 As far as the devices in which sports betting is mostly done then the obvious answer is the mobile phone which accounts for 87% of the user base and among them Android users are 99.4% of the users which leaves the IPhone a distant second which u would have thought would be much more. Among the phone companies which are ahead in sports betting are Xiaomi with a 30.3% user base which is followed by Samsung at 21% , Vivo at 14.8% , Realme at 11.1% and Oppo with 10.4% of the market. Sports betting will only grow in India as hopefully we will see more female users and more users in Tier 2 and 3 towns so that it can get more popularity across India.

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